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Growing a beard can be tricky, but if you know the right ingredients to add to your diet, it can make the process much easier. Vegetables are always a great choice when it comes to boosting an individual’s health, and they’re also fantastic for promoting strong and healthy facial hair growth too. 


In this blog post, we explore the best vegetables for beard growth – so if you’re looking to promote fuller and thicker facial hair development then you should definitely give these options some serious consideration. 


Read on as we discuss exactly why vegetables do such an effective job of encouraging exceptional beard growth!

Which vegetable is good for beard growth?

For many, having a full, lush beard is the key to feeling more masculine and confident. While many products are available claiming to help promote healthy beard growth, it’s natural ingredients found in the kitchen that can really help encourage hair growth. 


Adding beets to your diet can be beneficial for beard growth. Not only do these colorful veggies provide you with folate and vitamins A & C, but they contain a hefty amount of minerals too — including zinc, iron, potassium, and magnesium – all of which have been shown to support hair health and growth. 


Additionally, studies also suggest that beets may even dilate blood vessels, leading to improved circulation throughout the body; a necessity if you want your facial hair is looking it’s very best!

Foods that cause facial hair growth

Although many people think the only way to encourage facial hair growth is through genetics and age, studies have found some foods can make it more likely that you’ll grow a luxurious beard. Some of these include egg yolks, chicken, pork, fish, garlic cloves, and oatmeal. 


All of these foods contain essential vitamins and minerals that help with the hormone regulation of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, both of which are responsible for causing facial hair growth. To get the best results from these foods, try incorporating them into your daily diet as snacks or meals if possible and you might just find yourself enjoying a fuller-looking beard in no time!

Which food increases beard growth?

Eating certain foods can help increase the growth of facial hair. Foods high in proteins, such as lean meat, beans, nuts, and eggs, provide essential amino acids to help promote healthy beard growth. Iron-rich foods like spinach and red meat are also beneficial for keeping facial hair strong and thick. 


Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish, such as salmon and mackerel, have been linked to an increase in the rate of beard growth. Vitamin B3 or niacin has also been proposed to aid those wishing to grow a fuller beard. By incorporating these key dietary components into your meals regularly it is possible to boost the development of a thicker and healthier beard.

Which fruit is best for beard growth?

Focusing on your facial hair and its growth can greatly improve your appearance, but which fruit should you focus on for maximum results? Surprisingly enough, avocados may hold some of the secrets to stellar beard growth. Studies have shown that avocados are rich in biotin, which is a B vitamin necessary for growing healthy hair. 


In addition to this key element, avocados also contain several other vitamins and minerals that promote strong growth and a glossy sheen. Whether you choose to eat them or incorporate them into a facial mask, adding more avocado to your daily routine could be the key to unlocking your desired beard look.

Can coconut oil grow a beard?

Coconut oil is one of the most versatile substances on the planet. It can be used for cooking, moisturizing the skin, and even helping to promote hair growth. These qualities have led a lot of people to ask if it can help grow a beard too. 


Unfortunately, coconut oil will not magically create a full-length beard overnight, but it may be able to give you an extra bit of growth help. Applying coconut oil directly onto your beard might make it look softer and more groomed as well as provide essential nutrients that can lead to thicker whiskers over time. In addition, massaging it into your skin underneath the hairs may stimulate circulation and aid with new growth too. 


So while coconut oil won’t produce instant facial forest results, it could offer just enough extra assistance to get you to your desired look.

Wrapping Up

As we’ve seen, there are many different vegetables you can use to help promote a healthy, strong beard. Carrots make for a great snacking option that helps in improving overall health and facial hair growth – plus they taste delicious! Broccoli and Spinach are both excellent sources of Vitamin A, which promotes cell production and cell differentiation – both essential components of beard growth. 


Peas provide the necessary nourishment needed to keep the roots of your beard healthy while Onion serves as an honest source of antioxidants to give your facial hairs the nourishment it needs on their journey. Last but certainly not least – bell peppers offer a tasty snack that helps battle free radicals, reduces wrinkles, and proper facial hydration required for optimal beard maintenance. 


Just to be safe, be sure to consult with your doctor or registered dietician before embarking on any dietary changes if needed. So what are you waiting for? Get snacking on those veggies!


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Danny Santo

Grooming your beard is a must if you're growing one - I learned that from personal experience.
So let me share with you what I learned in the past 3 years since I started growing my beard...

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Grooming your beard is a must if you’re growing one – I learned that from personal experience.
So let me share with you what I learned in the past 3 years since I started growing my beard…

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