Best Types of Woods for Beard Combs (For Proper Grooming)

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What are the best types of woods for beard combs? The most straightforward response is that pearwood or sandalwood combs are the best. 

The best beard combs are made of sandalwood because of their delicate texture, distinctive fragrance, and massaging properties.

Let’s look at the best wooden beard combs available.

Quick Summary: Best Wooden Beard Combs

Wooden Beard Comb Best Feature
#1. ZEUS Double-Sided Comb  Hand-crafted 
#2. BRV Beard Comb Quality 
#3. Beard Comb Kit  Anti-static beard comb 
#4. Sandalwood Beard Case and Comb Easy detangling 
#5. Xuanli 8 Pcs Comb set Durable 


Best Wooden Beard Combs: Our Top 5 Recommendations

1. Best Hand-Crafted Beard Comb: ZEUS Double-Sided Comb 

The hand-carved comb gives you access to a robust and fragrant material that is good for your skin and hair. 

For those seeking a plastic substitute, you’ll love the natural material. Its smooth, hand-polished body accentuates the comb’s natural wood grain. You detect the ideal combination of weight and lightness in your hand. 

This comb has both Medium and Fine teeth, making it a practical tool to bring about daily. While the medium teeth side works well for short touch-ups, the fine teeth side is utilized for untangling and straightening strands. This is among the best beard-targeting tools available.

Due to the wood’s inherent diversity, each sandalwood comb will have a distinctive appearance. Each comb will differ in terms of features and even color, but they will all have the same shape and functionality. Due to the wood, it also gives off a faint, energizing scent.

The anti-static characteristics of the sandalwood do prevent your hair from tangling or snapping when it passes through your hair. 

The comb comes with a leather sheath, giving you a lovely container to put it in. It’s the ideal addition to your everyday pack and will keep you looking good whenever you need it.

2. Best for Quality: BRV Beard Comb

Take a moment to reflect on how few items today have the rustic appeal of wood. This opulent beard and mustache comb defy convention by being crafted from premium, all-natural green sandalwood, which gives it a beautifully aromatic scent. 

The dual-sided comb’s sturdy design makes it easy to maintain various hair kinds and styles. Its delicate and coarse teeth assist you in maintaining and caring for your mustache, beard, and hair in the manner you like. 

Only the most discerning gentlemen commit to maintaining their beards. It’s a lifestyle you can fully achieve with the best equipment; it’s not a chore. The sandalwood comb is wonderfully smooth to the touch and naturally anti-static.

3. Best Anti-Static Beard Comb: Beard Comb Kit 

The kit is wrapped in a lightweight, high-quality leather case that fits comfortably in your pocket and provides excellent protection. This beard comb kit is men’s ideal beard care package.

Indicates that each beard comb is made with intense care, resulting in a thick, fine-tooth finish that can cut through any beard or hair thickness, leaving your hair smelling great. 

This entails no snags and carefully made teeth that won’t catch or tangle your beard. You can use the beard brush and beard growth kits together. The comb is a winner in men’s wooden beard combs. Use this comb to develop a beard with joy.

Wood is anti-static, unlike common plastic combs, which can make your hair, mustache, or beard frizzy.

The beard comb gives you a trendy, sophisticated appearance. Not sure what to gift a bearded man on Father’s Day? This comb is an excellent gift idea.

4. Best for Easy Detangling: Sandalwood Beard Case and Comb

This wooden comb meant for men is handcrafted from 100 percent Sandalwood. Since it is durable and robust, it can withstand daily usage, vacation, and even the thickest, most knotted carpets. 

The ideal wooden comb for styling and detangling all sorts of hair! Its construction features dual-action coarse and fine teeth for lustrous, even, and attractive-looking hair. 

The perfect holiday gift for a son, boyfriend, or partner, or to remind your dad or spouse how much he means to you, is this wood beard comb, which comes with a sturdy gift box and brown case. Give the person in your life this experience, and watch his face light up with gratitude.

5. Best Durable: Xuanli 8 Pcs Comb set

The combs are the second generation of improved and thick wood combs, and they are produced from peach wood rather than a mosaic of multiple pieces of wood.

The hair comb set is made of 100% peach wood. Using a particular arc grinding method, the comb comes out smoother and rounded, ensuring that the teeth are not extremely sharp. This helps prevent damage to your scalp and the pulling or breaking of hair. 

Unlike other plastic combs, wooden combs do not produce a static charge independently.


The best types of wood for beard combs are necessary for your beard care supplies. 

The perfect beard comb may have the most significant impact, whether growing a beard or attempting to keep it neat.

In addition to spreading beard oil from tip to root, beard combs are great for establishing and preserving the proportions of your beard’s form.

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Danny Santo

Grooming your beard is a must if you're growing one - I learned that from personal experience.
So let me share with you what I learned in the past 3 years since I started growing my beard...

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Grooming your beard is a must if you’re growing one – I learned that from personal experience.
So let me share with you what I learned in the past 3 years since I started growing my beard…

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