Best Smelling Beard Oil: Top Picks for Irresistible Scents in 2023

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Beard oil serves as an essential grooming product for bearded men. It not only keeps your beard soft, healthy, and manageable but also keeps any unwanted odors at bay.

One of the key aspects that set beard oils apart is their fragrance, which can boost your confidence and make grooming routines more enjoyable.

Using the best-smelling beard oil makes a world of difference as it gets you through the day with that satisfying, fresh scent.

Gone are the days when men had very few grooming options; now, they have a wide variety of products with different scents catering to their personal preferences.

A perfect beard oil blend can maintain the health of your facial hair while providing a pleasant fragrance that lasts throughout the day.

When hunting for the best-smelling beard oil, it is important to consider its ingredients, scent longevity, and the overall quality of the product.

The ingredients should be natural and nourishing to avoid skin irritations; meanwhile, the scent should remain noticeable for an extended period.

Additionally, it is wise to choose a beard oil that complements your natural skin scent, making the odor unique to you.

We have put in the time and effort to research and test the top contenders in the market, ultimately identifying the ones that will provide long-lasting fragrance and nourish your beard in the process.

The following sections will guide you through our top picks and help you find the perfect best-smelling beard oil that meets your needs.

Best Smelling Beard Oils

I’ve carefully curated a list of the best smelling beard oils for you to choose from. Treat your beard with the care it deserves, and enjoy a fantastic scent along the way.

Striking Viking Vanilla Beard Oil (Large 2 oz.)

Striking Viking Vanilla Beard Oil

If you’re looking for a natural beard oil with an invigorating scent and exceptional conditioning, Striking Viking Vanilla Beard Oil is an excellent choice.


  • Invigorating vanilla scent
  • Softens and conditions beard
  • Promotes healthy beard growth


  • The scent might not last long
  • May not suit all preferences
  • Large bottles may be a con for some

I recently started using Striking Viking Vanilla Beard Oil, and my beard has never felt better.

This non-greasy, all-natural oil keeps my beard looking and smelling fantastic.

The ingredients list is full of high-quality, all-natural oils, such as organic argan and jojoba, which soften my beard without weighing it down.

One of the best features of this beard oil is the way it helps my beard grow.

By restoring the natural moisture balance to the roots, I’ve noticed my beard becoming thicker and fuller.

I no longer worry about beard itch or dandruff either, as this product effectively nourishes my skin and hair, leaving everything feeling smooth and comfortable.

My experience with Striking Viking Vanilla Beard Oil has been overwhelmingly positive, but it’s worth mentioning that the scent might not last as long as you would like.

While the initial smell of vanilla is delightful, I’ve noticed it tends to fade rather quickly.

Keep in mind this is a subjective observation, and it might vary from person to person.

If you seek an all-natural, nourishing product that will keep your beard looking its best, I highly recommend giving Striking Viking Vanilla Beard Oil a try.

It has done wonders for my beard, and I am confident it will do the same for yours.

ISNER MILE Beard Oil Set

ISNER MILE Beard Oil Set

This beard oil set offers a variety of scents and benefits, making it a great option for beard maintenance and growth.


  • Four unique scents for different experiences
  • Promotes beard growth and softens facial hair
  • Ideal gift set for beard enthusiasts


  • Some users may not like all scents
  • Bottle opening can be difficult
  • Not everyone might be a fan of oil-based products

As a bearded man myself, I recently tried the ISNER MILE Beard Oil Set.

It has been quite the experience using these oils, which come in four distinct scents – Sandalwood, Sage, Cedarwood, and Sweet Orange.

What I noticed is that each scent brings a different feel to my daily grooming routine, giving me the opportunity not only to smell good but also to express different aspects of my personality.

The oils really changed the way my beard felt, making it softer and more manageable.

I also experienced an improvement in my beard’s thickness and fullness thanks to the nourishing natural ingredients.

Being free from any chemical additives, this set is perfect if you’re looking for a healthy beard care solution.

That said, not all scents may be appealing to everyone – for instance, I’m not a big fan of the Sweet Orange scent, as it’s a little too strong for my taste.

However, experimenting with different scents adds variety to my routine and keeps it interesting.

Another thing to note is that the bottle opening can be somewhat difficult to work with, which affects ease of application.

Yet, once you get the hang of it, dispensing the right amount of oil shouldn’t be a problem.

Lastly, some people might not be fans of oil-based products due to personal preferences or having oily skin.

In conclusion, the ISNER MILE Beard Oil Set offers a variety of scents and benefits, making it an excellent choice for beard care and growth.

While some minor downsides exist, I believe the pros definitely outweigh the cons, and this set deserves a try.

GRAVE BEFORE SHAVE Gentlemen’s Blend Beard Oil

GRAVE BEFORE SHAVE Gentlemen's Blend Beard Oil

This beard oil is a must-have for anyone seeking a well-conditioned, great-smelling beard that stays flake-free.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Fantastic Bourbon/Sandal Wood scent
  • Effectively prevents itch and beardruff


  • Dropper top may be challenging for some users
  • Not strong enough for very coarse beards
  • The scent may not be for everyone

I recently tried out this GRAVE BEFORE SHAVE Gentlemen’s Blend Beard Oil, and let me tell you, it has quickly become my go-to beard care product.

The Bourbon/Sandal Wood scent initially caught my attention, and after applying it to my beard, I was not disappointed.

The scent is subtle but lasts throughout the day, making for a pleasant grooming experience.

The all-natural ingredients in this blend not only keep my beard well-conditioned and soft but also target the skin beneath the beard.

I’ve always struggled with itchiness and dandruff, but since I started using this beard oil, those problems have been significantly reduced.

My beard feels healthier, and I’m way more comfortable during the day.

The only drawback I found with using GRAVE BEFORE SHAVE Gentlemen’s Blend Beard Oil is the dropper top dispenser.

While it ensures you use just the right amount, it can be a bit challenging for some users.

Additionally, those with extremely coarse beards might need a more potent formula.

Lastly, while I enjoy the Bourbon/Sandal Wood scent, it may not be for everyone, so it’s important to consider personal preferences before purchasing.

Overall, if you’re looking for a high-quality beard oil that tames your beard, eliminates itch and flakes, and smells fantastic, then GRAVE BEFORE SHAVE Gentlemen’s Blend Beard Oil is definitely worth a try.

Honest Amish – Classic Beard Oil – 2 Ounce

Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil

My beard has never felt better and smelled great after using Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil, which is a solid choice for those who seek a high-quality, all-natural product.


  • Handcrafted and all-natural ingredients
  • Softens beard and conditions skin
  • A trusted brand for beard care


  • The scent might not suit everyone’s preference
  • Some users might find the oil too thin
  • Could become cloudy after a few months

The all-natural and organic ingredients, including argan and jojoba oil mix, impressed me as soon as I applied Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil to my beard.

The product made my beard feel softer and look more manageable throughout the day.

The oil also conditioned the skin beneath my beard, which helped reduce itchiness and dryness.

The scent is quite distinctive, featuring a blend of cedarwood, star anise, clove, and other essential oils.

While I personally enjoyed the unique aroma, I can see how others might find it overpowering or not to their liking.

However, the scent does not linger too long, so it shouldn’t be a significant issue for most users.

The product comes in a 2-ounce bottle, which is quite a generous amount for the price.

The consistency is on the thinner side, which might require some getting used to for those who are accustomed to thicker oils.

Additionally, some customers have reported the oil becoming cloudy after several months of use, but this doesn’t seem to affect the overall quality or performance.

I highly recommend the Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil for anyone seeking an all-natural and effective beard care product.

It softened my beard, nourished the skin beneath, and provided a unique, pleasant scent.

While the oil might not suit everyone’s preferences, it’s worth giving it a try, given its impressive performance and the trustworthiness of the brand.

King C. Gillette Beard Oil

King C. Gillette Beard Oil

King C. Gillette Beard Oil effectively moisturizes and softens your beard with a delightful scent.


  • Infused with a blend of argan, jojoba, avocado, macadamia seed, and almond oils
  • Non-greasy, lightweight formula for smooth and soft beard
  • The pleasant fragrance of bergamot, geranium, and cedarwood


  • The strong scent might be overpowering for some users
  • May not suit those with highly sensitive skin
  • Requires daily application for optimal results

After using the King C. Gillette Beard Oil, I immediately noticed how smooth and soft my beard felt.

The blend of argan, jojoba, avocado, macadamia seed, and almond oils did an amazing job of moisturizing the dry skin underneath while also providing the right amount of conditioning to keep my beard manageable.

The lightweight, non-greasy formula ensured that my beard did not feel weighed down or oily.

The fragrance of bergamot, geranium, and cedarwood was an added bonus.

It was a pleasantly fresh and masculine scent that lingered throughout the day. However, it might be a bit too overpowering for some people.

Those with a preference for milder scents or sensitive noses may want to test this product before making a purchase.

One potential drawback is that the product may not work well for those with highly sensitive skin.

It’s important to conduct a patch test before fully committing to this beard oil.

Additionally, for the best results, it requires daily application. Users with longer beards might need to use more drops, leading to quicker depletion of the product.

In conclusion, the King C. Gillette Beard Oil is a great option for those looking to nourish and soften their beard, with the added benefit of a refreshing scent.

Nevertheless, consider your personal preferences regarding fragrance strength and skin sensitivity before making a purchase.

GIBS Grooming Alpha Male Beard, Hair & Tattoo Oil

GIBS Grooming Alpha Male Beard, Hair & Tattoo Oil

I recommend this beard oil for those seeking a great scent, smooth texture, and versatility for beard, hair, and tattoos.


  • An attractive, unique scent
  • Non-greasy texture
  • Versatile use for beard, hair, and tattoos


  • A faint fragrance that may not last long
  • Some bottles may leak during shipping
  • Pricey for the quantity

I recently tried the GIBS Grooming Alpha Male Beard, Hair & Tattoo Oil, and I have to say, it left my beard feeling smooth and well-nourished.

The consistency was fantastic – it wasn’t overly greasy like some other beard oils I’ve encountered.

As someone who has tried various brands, I find that this oil stands out, achieving an excellent balance between nourishment and a non-greasy texture.

One of the highlights of this product is its unique scent. It’s not too overpowering but still present enough to be noticed, making it a suitable complement to your cologne.

Besides being great for my beard, I also discovered that this oil works wonders for my tattoos.

Keeping them moisturized and vibrant has never been easier with the GIBS Grooming Alpha Male Beard, Hair & Tattoo Oil.

However, there are a few downsides to this oil. One noticeable drawback is that the scent, although pleasant, can be quite faint and may not last very long.

Additionally, a few customers have reported receiving bottles that leaked during shipping, which can lead to product loss.

Finally, while the quality of this beard oil is evident, it comes at a somewhat steep price for its quantity.

Despite a few cons, I found the GIBS Grooming Alpha Male Beard, Hair & Tattoo Oil to be a high-quality product that delivers a fantastic experience.

If you’re searching for a beard oil that has a pleasant scent, smooth texture, and can also be used on hair and tattoos, then this is a solid option to consider.

Buying Guide

When it comes to selecting the best-smelling beard oil, there are some key features and factors that you should consider.

The following paragraphs will guide you through the process, providing some helpful advice on what to look for when making your decision.

The first aspect to consider is the scent. Since everyone’s preferences vary, it’s important to find a fragrance that appeals to you personally.

Look for a balanced scent that isn’t too overpowering or too subtle. Consider trying a few different options to determine which aroma suits your taste best.

Next, pay attention to the ingredients. High-quality beard oils usually contain natural, organic ingredients that not only provide an appealing scent but also nourish and protect your beard.

Some common elements include jojoba oil, argan oil, and sweet almond oil.

Be sure to avoid products with harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances, as these might cause irritation or negatively affect your beard’s health.

Essential Features

To narrow down your choices, make sure to compare the following features before purchasing a beard oil:

  • Scent: Strong, mild, or subtle scent options.
  • Ingredients: Natural, organic, and nourishing components.
  • Absorption: Fast-absorbing oils to prevent greasiness.
  • Packaging: Convenient application methods such as dropper or pump dispenser.
  • Price: A good balance between quality and affordability.

Evaluating these features will ensure you select the best-smelling beard oil that fits your preferences and budget.

Additionally, it’s essential to check customer reviews and testimonials.

This can provide valuable insight into the effectiveness and scent of a product, as well as any possible side effects or reactions.

Keep in mind that everyone’s beard and skin are different, so it’s crucial to find a product that works best for you.

Lastly, don’t forget to consider your grooming routine and lifestyle. If you have a sensitive nose or allergies, make sure to choose a beard oil with hypoallergenic properties.

If you often find yourself on the go, opt for a product with a long-lasting scent or easy-to-use packaging.

By taking these factors into account, I am confident that you will find the best-smelling beard oil to match your preferences and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which beard oil has the most pleasant scent?

The most pleasant scent is subjective and varies according to personal preference.

I recommend trying a few different scented beard oils to find the one that appeals to you the most.

Some popular scents include woodsy, spicy, citrus, and floral notes.

What are the top scented beard oils available?

There are many great scented beard oils on the market.

Some top options include Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil, Mountaineer Brand Beard Oil with WV Timber Scent, and Beardbrand Old Money Beard Oil.

These brands offer pleasant scents and quality ingredients for a healthy beard.

Do fragrance-free beard oils still have a scent?

Fragrance-free beard oils typically have very mild or barely noticeable scents.

These oils are not entirely scentless, as the natural oils used in their formulations can have subtle aromas.

If you’re sensitive to smells or prefer a barely-there scent, fragrance-free beard oils may be an excellent choice.

How do beard balms compare to oils in terms of smell?

Beard balms often have similar scents to beard oils, and the smell of beard balms tends to be slightly stronger due to their solid consistency.

Yet, the intensity of the scent can still vary based on the product and your personal preferences.

You may prefer the subtle scent of beard oil or the stronger aroma of beard balm.

Can you create your own custom-scented beard oil?

Yes, you can create your own custom-scented beard oil by mixing essential oils with a carrier oil, such as jojoba or argan oil.

I recommend starting with a few drops of essential oil and adjusting the mixture until you achieve your desired scent.

This allows you to tailor the beard oil to your personal preferences and create a unique scent that suits you.

Which beard oil brand is known for growth and great scents?

There isn’t a single brand that stands out for both growth and great scents, as these attributes depend on individual needs and preferences.

I recommend researching and trying different brands to find the one that suits your specific beard growth needs and has a scent that you find appealing.

Some popular options include Honest Amish, Beardbrand, and Mountaineer Brand.

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Grooming your beard is a must if you’re growing one – I learned that from personal experience.
So let me share with you what I learned in the past 3 years since I started growing my beard…

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